Our approach

Making informed decisions that are shared, assumed and evolutive

Built on proven fundamentals, Our approach achieves three objectives :

  • Put to better use the potential of a group by offering the right angles to address the challenge,
  • Spare you from long-winded analysis, oversimplification, and the inertia inherent to habits and generalization,
  • Produce robust and shared decisions.

Our fundamentals

Based on several hundred teamwork experiments, our fundamentals enable us to customize our all our sessions :

- Co-conception
- Prototyping
- Diversity
- Simultaneous sub-group production
- Fluid and dynamic work rhythms
- Holistic vision of time and space
- Visualization

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Our sources

We blend several original methods.

The Palo Alto Systemic approach, Matt & Gail Taylor, Edgar Morin, treatises on strategy, social psychology, a few left wing organizations, military coup and even The Clash, a random list among many others ( we would be delighted to discuss with you).

We are also inspired by the writings of our peers, elders as well as youngers which we read attentively.