The fundamentals

A method and a vast experience in facilitation
We know the homos sapiens groups in general, our client knows his group better than anyone.
The collaborative process is designed so that each participant can contribute. Small groups are much more efficient than a large assembly; simultaneous production, slicing up the issue, opposing iterations etc…

We adapt the composition of the sub groups, under your supervision, depending on the issues at hand (real time if required).

Everything counts. A holistic vision of facilitation implies that significant moments happens as much through setting the agenda as by organizing the work space. Where each group is located, the quality of the lighting, ambient sound and the space configuration are all important and impact facilitation.
A thought process which relies on several successive drafts enables you to steer away from wishful thinking and build on pragmatic foundations. It is also the best way for a group to broaden its scope, test new directions whilst keeping reality in focus; all this while reaching a common decision endorsed by all.
Your topics deserve the freshness of multiple approaches.
No compulsive meetings. All our work sessions are designed, short and punctuated with a variety of activities; tasks are accomplished simultaneously and the sequences are designed according to the topics and the biological rythmn

The objectives are clear and the ticking of the clock is discrete.

The image is one of the channels we use to touch the senses of participants. graphic facilitation a cornerstone of our method.