Our clients

Clients | Wild is the Game

Here are a few of the issues tackled with our clients…

…during High Value Workshops, training, booster sessions, collaborative workshops, and graphic facilitation.

The diversity of our customers and issues is a deliberate choice.

We generally work directly with our clients, but have also co-piloted with long-term consultant firms working with our clients.

  • Reconstruction and implementation of a brand strategy

  • Coordinating radiation and an association

  • Bringing about horizontal collaboration key elements of a common position

  • Visual modeling vision of the strategic vision of the group on the field of quality

  • Consultancy in holding a workshops

  • Facilitating international forums

  • Restructuring and speeding up a CRM project

  • TransFormationLabs for functions of Supply Chain, Quality and IS

  • Best practices sharing 14 partner countries between North and South

  • Experience sharing between institutional actors at the European level

  • Assistance of the Director-General

  • Graphic facilitation for a training of 500 top managers

  • Graphic assistance for a multi-client seminar on innovation

  • Collaborative brainstorming

  • Brainstrorm collaboratif

  • Clarifying the position NGOs on political and complex topics

  • Assistance in the training frames

  • Bringing about horizontal collaboration between 27 horizontal between 27 countries

  • Visual modeling process for internal communication

  • Production of an animated film