You need your team on board,
we facilitate communication.

Session boosters

What if you approached your seminars and conventions differently ?

Annual convention, launch a program, mobilizing your business, first met with partners … You must gather your team, your employees or your ecosystem for a few hours or days.

Make the most out of this privileged moment,…

And think, communicate and produce collectively. No more powerpoint presentations, always too long, note taking difficult and waiting when the famous questions. ThinkSession boosters.

A few Session booster ingredients:

Beforehand, a playing field and an objective: First we work on development directions for the group and define precisely what the time frame allows for in terms of communication and activities.. Our knowhow will help make happen realistic and shared objectives. A condensed and detailed agenda, set with you
During the event, we carry out all or part of human and technical organization. We provide our network of partners to choose place, space and resources, tailored to your budget and problematic.
At the close of the session,at your request, we can publish the results in real time or with a slight delay, if a synthesis is necessary (for example, participants receive a link to a website).