You need to develop your business,
we facilitate decisions.

We believe it is impossible for a group to endorse, against its will and over time, a notion which has been elaborated by others. Our expertise is built on the art of leading a group towards a shared decision.

A group of people gains strength when it can interact in a pertinent and correctly defined context. Whatever the issues we construct, invent, create an ideal work situation for the group to reach its goal. We provide it with the insights to inspire, test, decide and ultimately implement solid solutions or action plans.

Since 2000, and through several hundred assignments, we have been helping our clients to draw on collective intelligence.

Our approach can be applied to any strategic, political, economic or human issues.

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DECIDEZ-2 | Wild is the game

High Value Workshop®

Decision-makers take the opportunity to confront a large group (20 to 500 people) with complex challenges and make it produce solutions over a few days. This is a comprehensive and radical system.

The High Value Workshop® based approaches are specifically designed in partnership with consulting firms for specific issues (See here an example with ISlean Consulting).

Collaborative workshops

A step in a group ? Looking for an expert to conduct a short time work? On a specific topic, points to decide, the workshop is a collaborative solution.

Program / Project in collaborative mode

We can support a leader/manager/group through a series of collaborative workshops and provide strategic and organizational assistance. A few examples ?

Setting up and implementing long term strategy, gaining time on a project or getting it out of a rut…