Collaborative Workshop

Collaborative Workshop

Produce intensely for a day or two and make an informed decision

There are several perfectly good ways of taking a step forward or making a decision in an organization. The collaborative approach is one. However it is often overseen or mistaken for just a means to improve the group’s well-being. It is important to understand that this approach has nothing to do with a seminar during which the participants are to be convinced or polled while remaining passive.

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Our approach is enriched by our experience in High value workshops and our fundamentals. The essential idea is to create the conditions for a group to exchange and produce “collaboratively” over a given time; a method that could subsequently continue after the workshop… Hence the well-known team building effect sought after by managers is no longer the main objective but a logical consequence: through the act of producing together.

A Wild is the Game collaborative workshop enables to :

…and spread all the issues out on the table. The factual data of course, but also – without going into these too deeply – the convictions, preconceptions, enthusiasms, levels of comprehension, inertia, political interactions and so on, which could come into play during the workshop.
…up to the workshop, without rushing the first option expressed by « someone intelligent. »
…(both tangible and vague) and relying on the intellectual skills of a group placed in optimal work conditions.
…by those who have chosen the resulting directions (or ensure that these directions will be endorsed by future players).

If the subject is at once strategic, complex and involves a great deal of different players, we strongly suggest a High Value Workshop.