High Value Workshop

High Value Workshop

The High Value Workshop

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Defy complexity

Complexity, most often, it is leaking, you pretend to ignore it, it is easier, it is desperately trying to analyze it and make a decision because you have to decide … or is treated. With a High Value Workshop®.


The High Value Workshop® is a strong solution, which allows you to manage multi-step equations, human, technical, organizational and time.

Because it is not possible to toy around indefinitely with analysis, time, money, context, chance and politics…, one needs to be clever and count on two strengths: the players’ collective intelligence and the solidity that is provided and confirmed by their endorsement of the project.

Chez Wild is the Game, le High Value Workshop® is he pinnacle of our facilitation methods.

Two conditions are required before beginning :

  • A small number of efficient decision-makers must be committed to launching into an approach that will involve them deeply (and will disrupt old habits).
  • A strategic project or issue that concerns a variety of players and a tight time table.


Steps of a High Value Workshop


Beforehand, we set up a small group (we call sponsors) who co-construct the High Value Workshop with Wild is the Game to address :

  • strategic and operational objectives,
  • the placement of the key players,
  • the agenda for the session,
  • the inputs and outputs.

This conception stage is repeated and issues are gradually better defined over several encounters (4 à 6)

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Following the design work, the work session lasts 2 to 3 days with 20 to 500 participants (average 75).It involves 4 main stages designed specifically for the group and the subject it is expected to tackle: :

  • exploration and training,
  • options begin to emerge,
  • incubation,
  • decision-making and implementation often materialized by an action plan.

During the session, in addition to the agenda, we select the appropriate facilitation tools to improve the situation. These can be graphic facilitation, a pinch of ergonomics, some music or a few real time investigations. For this, the Wild is the Game team bring together a range of competences from Excel geeks to punk artists…


Some ingredients of a High Value Workshop

Engagement-Map-1-300x191 | Wild is the gameCourse of action

Each workflow is constructed differently from the previous one (plenary subgroups, presentation, …)

Work Environnement

We build physical, virtual and sound spaces that promote discussion, creativity, exchange, concentration and decision.

Graphic facilitation

The graphic is a lever important facilitation.

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Publication of tangible deliverables if you wish we can document the participant’s discussions and production. A few hours after the end of the High Value Workshop, we are able to offer a rendering of the decisions taken and their argument. We can also organize post session a collective writing workshop in the spirit of a “press room”.