Program / Project in collaborative mode

Program / Project in collaborative mode

Involve all the players, work in a practical environment, leading cleverly and sharing a creative and positive mood is what every project-lead could do if they decided to.

When a project team is under intense pressure, especially when delivery times are concerned, meetings and workshops can be impacted, in order to improve efficiency.

By listing the principles ruling large scale collaborative sessions, we assist the project leaders in setting in motion long term collaborative approaches. Subsequently we support management, tackle culture and take action through a number of workshops.

We assist you by establishing the conditions and supplying the tools essential to the emergence of collective solutions which produce both solidity and dynamism.


Drop-Zone-WILD-300x209 | Wild is the game

For example, the Drop Zone

Initially invented for Information Systems, a drop Zone is a collaborative approach that results in accelerating projects and decisions.

Difficult issues are “thrown” into the Drop Zone and managed in collaborative workshops almost immediately and without slowing down the pace of the global program. Such an approach improves preparation times and impacts the entire operation when used frequently.


The Drop Zone can complete a project board or compensate for its absence.