The Team

Wild is the Game is both a French company and a network of facilitators

Equipe 2 | WIld is the game

Consultant, film maker, engineer, architect, trainer, journalist, graphic artist, psychologist, computer expert, musician, photographer, etc. the archetype of a “good facilitator” does not exist.

What brings us together is our passion for facilitation.

The desire to help groups progress, develop their creativity and assisting leaders, employees, management, civil servants, VIP guests… with a process, decisions, and exceptional training courses.

Besides the core team of Wild, we can count on a network of skilled contacts which enable us to offer customized solutions to our clients, in any domain and anywhere in the world.

The WILD Team

Julien Goby

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Former psychologist, Julien Goby is Wild is the Game’s founder, facilitator, designer collaboration.

Adrien Angliviel

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Former film-maker, Adrien Angliviel, Associated partner is a facilitator and designer of Transformation training

Nicolas Gros

Former furniture designer, Nicolas Gros graphic facilitator is responsible for the practice is in the Game and Wild trainer.

Gaspard Michelin

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Consultant and facilitator, Gaspard Michelin develops project management in a collaborative way, including partnerships with consulting firms.

Laurent Jacobi

Editor, communicating, Laurent Jacobi is facilitator, specialist Public Service.

Philippe Labat

Former Capgemini consultant, Philippe Labat is collaboration designer, facilitator and consultant in management.

Laure Villemaine

Geographer, Laure Villemaine is an expert in group facilitation and training Transformation. She specializes in graphic facilitation.

Tanja Kerlo

Former consultant, Tanja Kerlo is a designer and facilitator of collaborative experiences without borders.

Olivier Percevaut

Padawan with a passion for Sociology, Olivier Percevaut develops, among other things, the use of collaborative digital solutions.

Laura Thierry

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Project manager of the Wild Lab, Laura Thierry is also an expert in knowledge management and is a top flight Gangster at Makesense.

Gaëlle Le Bars

Former intern and future star of Wild is the Game, Gaëlle Le Bars is a designer of collaborative devices. She built the Wild Lab and spent 6 months in Austin Texas university to push us back to the end of 2013.

Philine Bellenoue

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Padawan who came from the world of communication in the Health sector, Philine Bellenoue joined Wild is the Game in 2014. She namely works on the development of new collaborative offers, and is in charge of communication.

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Our network of friends, partners and companions

is a branch of Capgemini Consulting.

is a consulting firm specializing in strategy, Lean management and organization of information systems.

is a global network of facilitators engaged in non-profit operations created by Matt Taylor to bring the collaborative dynamics at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

aims to facilitate the professional community of graphic facilitators and to promote the profession (non profit organization).

are important players in the fiedl of facilitation, members Value Web and based mainly in England, Italy and the United States.

Based in the United States, was founded by Gail Taylor, whose work inspired our approach.

is the French chapter of the International Association of Facilitators

And also: La fabrique volante, nod-a, PICTE, Handyamo, Wizembly, Talk-Map