You need to learn, we facilitate training.

Not just training : transforming

We have long understood the value collaborative facilitation methods bring, in the context of a training or if change must be implemented.

We strongly believe the concepts of trainer and training must be reviewed.

The trainer is no longer the only expert in the room, his/her job is to facilitate interaction between the participants and to ensure that the program is coherent.

The training course is dedicated just as much, to transmitting company culture and perspectives as to a pure learning process.

Training is potentially transforming the company from within



Learning built by peer exchange course, the emergence of specific problems and needs expressed by the management
(this concept was elaborated through collaboration with Danone group and Capgemini Consulting).

Train the trainer

Collaborators trained in the techniques of facilitated training.

Express Creative

(With FGCP)

Learn to synthesize and model by using simple visualization techniques.

Training Workshop

Workshop tailored to the dynamic and productive learning in a collaborative mode.