You need to understand,
we facilitate visualization

Visualization is essential for efficient collaborative work

Rapid appropriation of the key elements, stimulating interest, development of creativity, creation of physical evidence … The graphic facilitation can accompany participants in their interactions and understanding of the subjects.

It offers an alternative means of accessing the information the information being processed.

We will always insist on the need to have graphic facilitators in our sessions.

They can bring value in many different ways:

Graphic recording

Crystallize the emerging ideas and engage participants.

Capturing the participants’ emerging ideas and interest.

In real time, the graphic facilitator captures the key elements of exchanges between participants of a meeting or session.

Graphic-Recording | Wild is the game


Engage your employees in the discussion in spite of the distance.

Graphicall is a tool for your telephone conferences and video conferences, when several of your collaborators are on separate sites.

It draws on the same principles, using the same technique, and has the same effects as graphic recording.

GraphiCall | Wild is the game

Synthesis Wall

Take a step back and get an overview of what has just been covered.

This wall is built viewing live in situ During the work session.

It contains all the information that may trigger the participants’ thought processes.

It synthesizes the work produced during 1 to 3 days, becoming a mirror reflecting the path the group has taken.

Fresque de synthèse | Wild is the game

Modelling complex data

Encompass and navigate inside complex notions in an instant..

We transform complex and condensed data into evocative images.

These images are a valuable tool that enhances your collaborators’ understanding and assimilation of a complex topic, situation, process, organization etc…

modelisation | Wild is the game


Training in visualization techniques

Give your employees the tools to share and communicate their ideas. We identify together your needs and the situations in which your collaborators can profit from visualization techniques.

Then we build the training course according to these needs and assist your collaborators throughout their learning process.