reveal your collective strength

The Challenge

A Team Building experience that unites a group to tackle a major challenge: building and connecting a series of complex machines made from simple materials.

More than a simply fun construction activity, The Challenge allows you to experience and learn lessons on different themes such as collaboration in complex situations, leadership, group effort for a common goal, adaptability to connect one's machine to another…
Creativity, prototyping, teamwork and mutual assistance will be the keys to complete and succeed the challenge, which will leave a lasting impression of accomplishment and shared pride in the group.
Reveal your collective strength*
Reveal your collective strength*
Reveal your collective strength*

Duration of 3 hours
From 15 to 300 participants 88€ / person for 120 participants



  • Creation of machine in team
  • Connecting the machines
  • Final recorded demonstration
  • Debriefing of the experience/lessons learned


Group cohesion, feeling of shared pride, fun, lessons in collaboration. Note that this activity can work even for people who do not usually work and/or not yet work together.
From 15 to 30 participants

15 - 30 participants : 4 640 € HT, starting from 155€ / participant

30 - 60 participants : 6 440 € HT, starting from 107€ / participant

60 - 90 participants : 8 700 € HT, starting from 97€ / participant

90 participants and more

For every additional 30 participants : + 1 800 € HT, starting from 88€ / participant for 120 pax

  • Set up and animation (1 facilitator for 30 participants)
  • All the equipment necessary to create the machines and the technical equipment to film the final demonstration.
  • A room of at least 2.5m2 per participant which the Wild is the Game team can access 2/3 hours before the beginning of the activity in order to ensure it is set up.
  • Ideally, a projection system and a few tables.
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